The Rocky Vasalino Show

The band has its roots back to 1975. They traveled extensively in the Northwest and Canada (didn’t we all?).  In ’77 while on tour in Hawaii they decided to change the name to “The Rocky Vasalino Show”.

This was a full on show band with costume changes for each segment, major lighting, pyrotechnics, skits, tributes, and a comedy section featuring a puppet named “Animal”.

The band was originally made up of Ted Neufeld, Jim Neufeld, Bob (Rocky) Baker, Jim Carrington, and Rick Metz. The band lasted with that lineup, give or take a horn section and several female backup singers, until 1984 when the band changed over to The Vasalino Revue. This Lineup Featured Ted Neufeld, Jamie Pullar, Corrine Williams, David Chapman, and Malcom Wenke.

In it’s 10 or so years of existence, The Rocky Vasalino Show/Revue, Played throughout the Northwest and Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, was featured on Canadian Television, and played various regional events.

As a footnote, the story of the Neufeld brothers and their family is worthy of a book on it’s own merit. These were amazing young men that overcame incredible family tragedy (losing both parents in a car crash) at a very young age, and yet, kept their younger siblings together, keeping everyone in school, fed, clothed, and housed, as well as running the family farm near Lynden,  Washington, and managed to found and manage an extremely successful, lucrative, and much loved Northwest icon – The Rocky Vasalino Show.

  1. I would like to discuss a performance in Lynden in May 2016.

  2. Call Ted at 360 927 4677. Hope to hear from you

  3. Rocky….Please contact me regarding performing…and am old aquaintance from Oregon 🙂


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