Tango Trio Ardiente

Pianist Esa Ylonen and bandoneonist Mikko Helenius have worked together more than 20 years and with tango vocalist Martin Alvarado for 12 years. Their trio repertoire includes tango music from Gardel to Piazzolla and great contemporary tunes from Finland and Argentina as well. Martin Alvarado has worked with Finnish musicians for years; he often says that the most interesting contemporary tango is made in Scandinavia. Mikko Helenius (b.1977) works in Helsinki as an organist and composer. He studied at Sibelius Academy and in the tango music class of Edgar Varese Conservatory in Paris. As a bandoneonist and pianist has played in several tango ensembles in Finland, Germany, France and England. Mikko composes vocal and theatre music and arranges especially symphonic tango music.